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Generously investing in your success by providing the most unique consulting arrangement in the industry!

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Absolutely no cost, no obligation, and no strings attached! Your first two steps are FEE FREE!

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The pinnacle.
The culmination of profitability, prosperity, and personal accomplishment.

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Fee Free! Two first steps to

solid growth and profitability!

The problem with most ordinary consulting firms is they ask for a lot of money up front. As a business owner, you pay for their education and learning curve without knowing what they’ll do for you or if their advice is worth it.

The Apogee Growth and Profitability Accelerator system is a wise and practical solution for business owners seeking profitable growth.

Here’s why: The first two steps of the Apogee system are FREE! Despite a considerable upfront investment for time and money on the part of our team, you never see an invoice for our learning curve and our findings.

The first step is a comprehensive On-Site Evaluation of your business. We gather as much information as we can from you, your team leaders, and select employees.

The second step is providing you with a Strategic Analysis. Our team members –– comprised of qualified and successful business owners, consultants, and coaches –– provide you with a glimpse of how and where you can relaunch your business and become highly profitable.

When we’ve finished steps one and two, you can take what we provide and use it any way you please. You can create your own growth and profitability plan and implement your plan using your own staff and resources. It hasn’t cost you anything to gain this valuable glimpse into a vision of future possibilities.

Or you can hire the Apogee team to create a Strategic Plan –– a comprehensive and actionable blueprint to support profitable growth for years to come.

The Strategic Plan includes specific action steps necessary for you to exploit the most profitable and easily accessible market opportunities. While step three requires a fee, we strive to make that fee affordable based on your current situation and the challenges you face.

If you determine your best course of action is to contract with us to manage the execution of the Strategic Plan, we provide estimates for one or more Execution Options.

We work side-by-side with you to bring the Strategic Plan to fruition, teaching you as we go.

In the same way steps one and two are FREE, having an initial conversation to determine if the Apogee Growth and Profitability Accelerator system is right for you is also free!

We invite you to call 800-226-2428 or 813-489-9596 to arrange for a private no-cost, no-obligation conversation.